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Client Info & Pricing


  • Healthy Rewards card – For every 10th massage get the 11th one for free

  • A client that refer someone receives $10.00 off their massage

  • Ceregem massage bed: free trial session and $10.00 for 40 minute session

  • $10.00 off a massage during a birthday month of clients that have had three or more massages

  • $10.00 off a second massage

  • I am willing to travel to do massages with my portable equipment  (there will be no mileage charge for the first 20 miles from the Frederick or Thurmont office but after that there will be a charge of $2.00 per mile)


Table massage:  $65.00 per hour    ~   $40.00 per half hour
Chair massage:   $1.00 per minute (minimum of 10 minutes)


  • Medicines should be taken at least two hours  before your appointment

  • If any pain or discomfort is experienced at any time let the massage  therapist know right away so any changes with pressure or methods can be adjusted

  • Always let the massage therapist know if there are any changes to your health

  • Alcohol should not be consumed before  your massage

  • Please arrive  a few minutes before your appointment to fill out a health history